Monday, 8 July 2013

$100 per month per kid? I'd sure love to get me some of that action

Stephen Harper boasts that his government gives out $100 per month to each child in Canada.  So trust me to find a way to not be eligible for a 'universal' benefit!

I'm a Canadian citizen.  Arthur is a Canadian citizen, just passed 10 months last week.  But the rules state that the 'primary caregiver' is the only one who can receive this benefit, and that by definition is the 'female parent'.  Unfortunately, my citizenship and Arthur's citizenship both become irrelevant, and only Ellis' status as 'temporary resident' in Canada matters.  So the three of us, with one income between us, can't get this benefit.  For the record, Ellis applied for a permanent resident visa 19 months ago, and we've been waiting, more with quiet desperation than patience, ever since our last contact from Citizenship and Immigration Canada back in October.  At the time, the CIC website said that we should expect a result in 8 months, but that deadline passed a month ago and we are none the wiser.

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