Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I’ve noticed this term showing up now and again, and find it mildly amusing.  It seems to be favoured by those on the right of the political spectrum, who apply it to people who espouse viewpoints different from their own.  The idea is that ‘sheeple’ are ordinary people who are unable to think for themselves, and are thus easily manipulated by the media, whose message they then bleat until the next media story comes along.

Ironically, these sheeple are most often criticized for taking a position contrary to that promoted the commentator, unlike the clear-thinking, intelligent folks who conform to the commentator’s opinions.

The greatest amusement for me is that I mostly notice this term being used by conservative Albertans to describe non-conservatives.  Although I was born and raised in Alberta, I have never embraced the conservatism that runs so deeply there, so when I take the same position as the ‘sheeple’, am I bleating along with one herd, or simply rejecting the other herd?

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