Saturday, 8 February 2014

Canadian Army new rank insignia revisited

I've finally seen an image of what the new/old Canadian Army officers' rank insignia will look like, and I have to admit that I am underwhelmed.  The most obviously flaw is that majors and warrant officers will both have the same insignia - except, of course, that the WO will have a LARGER crown.  If I were still in, I'd probably start saluting WOs just to stir up trouble (sorry, warrant, I thought you were a major!).  They've also eliminated the maple leaves from the general officers insignia.  To me that's very disappointing - the maple leaf pips were distinctly Canadian, but left little room for confusion as to general officer grade, even with our allies.  

Oh, well, I guess we're stuck with it.  Next up - revert to RAF ranks and insignia for the air force?  What ho, jolly squiffing good time, I say there pilot officer, eh?  Rather, wing commander, bally Gerry pranged his kite in the how's your father and now squadron leader Biggles bought the farm, what?  Progress, ya gotta love it. 


  1. What the blazes are you on about, old boy?


  2. Idiot Hellyer shouldn't have changed them back in 1968. This is a welcome return for many of us.

  3. For all the dumping on Hellyer, I see that no one has suggested de-unifying the CF's command structure. The way he went about unification was clumsy, demoralizing, arbitrary and earned him eternal damnation from Canada's soldiers, sailors and airmen, but no one has suggested undoing the fundamental element of unification!